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Open Thread: Memorial Day, the Civil War, and and Land Monopolies

How to Humiliate an Economist

Monopoly Round-Up: The Debt Ceiling and a Major Win against Airlines

Martin Shkreli Was Too Honest

Time to Break Up Hollywood

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-up: Labor Unrest...

All Rise: How Judges Rule America

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Big Tech Blocked: Microsoft Stopped from Taking Over Gaming

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-Up

How a Google Antitrust Case Could Determine the Future of AI

Monopoly Round-Up and Open Thread

The Military-Industrial Stock Buyback Complex

Quick Read: Good News on Drug Price Middlemen

Monopoly Round-Up: AI Chatbots and the Law

How Obamacare Created Big Medicine

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-up, 4/3/22

The Rage of the Corporate Lawyer

Open Thread and Monopoly Round-Up

The Monopolies Behind the Adderall Shortage

Open Thread: Bank Bailouts and the End of Deference

Fire the Fed

An End to Airline Consolidation?

Regulating AI: If You Make a Mess, You Clean It Up

Elon Musk vs the FTC

Google Spanked by a Judge in Virginia

Antitrust Division Hits Private Equity Giants

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Open Thread: This Week's Monopoly News Round-Up

Pete Buttigieg's Moment of Truth

A K-Pop Monopoly?

Did Lina Khan Just Slash Insulin Prices?

Block Block Block

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Labor's Dual-Track Mind on Mergers

Open Thread: Competition Policy and AI

On Lina Khan Derangement Syndrome

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Bill Clinton Has Left the Building

Is the Microsoft-Activision Merger Falling Apart?

Open Thread: The Stock Market's Trash Rally

The Disney-Fox Divestment Goes Bankrupt

A Pyrrhic Victory for Meta Over the FTC?

The $109 Billion Bank Hustle

Open Thread: Worst Mergers of All Time?

The Week CNBC Started to Panic

How Equifax Became a Private IRS

Open Thread: Layoffs and the Economy

Non-Compete Agreements and the Cult of the Antitrust Bar

The Deep State Awards

Antitrust Enforcers to Ban Indentured Servitude

Ponzi Hospitals and Counterfeit Capitalism