Kakao, SM Entertainment, Hybe and BTS. Drama!

November 2022

Private equity giant Thoma Bravo bought two ID management service firms over the summer, Ping and SailPoint. Now it's buying ForgeRock. Should we care?
Irwin Naturals is trying to be the Coca Cola of psychedelics and cannabis. The firm seeks to become the dominant distributor, and has embarked on a…

October 2022

Rural America is in trouble.. Finally, the Federal Trade Commission is doing something about it, in this case focusing on pesticide monopolists.
Ministry Brands will sell your church everything it needs to be on the cloud.
There's a weird monopoly in premium car audio systems.

September 2022

Antitrust enforcer Jonathan Kanter is reinvigorating merger law. This time, it's blocking monopolization in the lock industry.

June 2022

If you want to either show or see a recently released movie in Canada, it’s fairly likely that you have to go to Cineplex.
Why are football helmets in shortage? Blame a private equity roll-up of the main producers, Schutt and Riddell.
Welcome to BIG, a newsletter on the politics of monopoly power. If you’d like to sign up to receive issues over email, you can do so here. In 2018…

October 2021

Finally, there's open discussion about the hearing aid cartel.
Why do Americans pay eight times more for hearing aids than the British? Hearing aids are big business, and a cartel controls the industry through…