What Is Big?

The newsletter of Matt Stoller.

Hi, I’m Matt Stoller, the writer for the newsletter Big.

I’m going to cover a few major themes in this newsletter, all of which are interrelated.

  • Big tech

  • The history of monopoly power

  • The legacy of the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

  • The corporate clubhouse of lawyers and economists

The goal is to empower you with knowledge, both of how we have won and how we have lost. Won or lost what? Good question! The answer is… liberty.

It is a frightening time, but know that we have been here before and previous generations have won their democracies, just as we must win ours. History is not always a happy story, but it is always an interesting one. We cannot control whether we win, but we can control whether we fight.

Every generation must face its reckoning. This is ours.