Private Equity Roll-Up Controls 25% of All Messages to Congress

What could go wrong?

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Phone2Action, a private equity backed roll-up backed by Frontier Capital, is buying up the advocacy space. Here’s one of their latest press releases.

Phone2Action, the world’s leading provider of grassroots advocacy software, contributing nearly 25% of all advocacy messages to Congress, will now become a category-defining solution where public affairs and government relations professionals can collaborate on projects, gain insight into key bills and policies, galvanize people to act and influence public policy.

I’ve been told reliably that this company uses Eastern European developers, which is a common theme for private equity-owned software firms. Imagine the possibility of hacking by foreign governments, who will now have access to a large swath of what constituents are telling their members of Congress.

But on the bright side, at least a private equity executive will get to buy another boat.