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Have you thought of orchestrating citizen support for antitrust legislation directed to Schumer and other critical legislators? Perhaps if people bombarded Schumer with their support of rigorous antitrust legislation, he might be more supportive. We can hope.

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In our modern media environment (also monopolized btw) the general public has no idea what is going on with these bills. Who is going to tell them what it is about, what it does, and why it is important? Not the news that is for sure. It was why we used to have journalists. Until the media landscape changes, parasites like Schumer and Jordan will continue to be able to do whatever they want and get away with it while pretending they care about the little guy. The American people have been slow walked into a new Gilded Age without even realizing it.

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Of course, they will NOT even try. Promises mean nothing. Chicken in every pot bs. Our representative government stopped representing the people, quite some time ago. Citizen United eliminated their obligation to us.

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Schumer is my Senator, and after years of observing him in action, I'm not holding my breath for him to do anything truly substantive on monopoly power. I just think he's in too deep with big money. Hope I'm wrong though.

Speaking of monopolies hurting small businesses - freelance photographers and small photography businesses are apparently being set up to have their clocks cleaned by Zillow. I guess destroying a good chunk of the real estate industry wasn't enough and Zillow now wants MORE because of an uncertain housing market. Zillow - is setting itself up to go full out into the real estate photography business. And it wants even those who went to the trouble of becoming "certified Zillow photographers" out of the way. Sole proprietors and small studios are sitting ducks when the big boys move in. Zillow has tentacles that go far beyond brokerages and real estate sales agents, you just don't know where they will strike next. Here is a link to the YouTube video if anyone is interested. (https://youtu.be/yhGNj1otW8k)

As for crypto...I'm fairly intelligent. Although I'm learning, I have limited knowledge in finance. If I don't understand how an investment is going to produce gains over the long haul, I won't touch it with a 10-foot pole. Obviously I never went anywhere near crypto. Great interview.

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"Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer...promised a vote on antitrust legislation in May. Will he deliver?" I'm assuming this is a rhetorical question because, based on my reading of your Substack for the past year-plus, you already know the answer.

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Glad to see you’re back posting, and hope you soon conquer all the lies, misdirections, evasions, and self-serving power-grabs that Covid has unleashed on your personal biome!

Thanks for this structural analysis of Schumer as a politician and insight into his possible motivations. As an American voter for over fifty-five years, I find our political system has created exactly the kind of voter the politicians wanted- best described by Mark Twain’s humorous summary: “His ignorance covered the whole earth like a blanket, and there was hardly a hole in it anywhere.”

Also, in keeping with contemporary memes, I award you, Big, and the American Economic Liberties Project the Mark Twain Humanities prize for keeping it real! The post ‘titled ‘Gary Gensler Got It Right’ is the perfect shutdown to the grinning crocodiles blaming him for our shameful bit-coin schemes.

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to whatever it worth, didnt see it in Military bill that passed, or was not listed in this article. IF you have not seen already,


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On first joining, I posted your dealing with an octopus/monster. This is from 2 to 3 years during the housing bust research. No I have not opened up my notes since then.

I say octopus for I counted 27 different departments that needed addressing. That was then!

POINT, I am advocating for a new agency. One that is just like the IRS and the Federal Reserve which is funded by government but not government. Sole purpose of this agency will be to the public. To be informative more to your "To WHOM" your representatives is. I ask here to this group, truly you know what YOUR house or Senate representative, been doing, spend their time with say this last month? In percentages, And your a more info group, Then John and Jan Doe of America, here were how to eat or have a roof over their heads.

How about the state level? In your county and city councils? Where if you worry about tax dollars it's the smaller government offices that will hit you the worst on taxes! As a form of property taxes.

Why it needs be government funding, it will take multiple billions of dollars a year. I don't see how a nonprofit small agency can handle it. But we do have multiple agencies and nonprofits out there going different directions on the same issues!

With split news outlets, on the political divide. Can not count on them to be informative to the general public. I can list many things that was not covered, WHY? one example of late!

Heard this last week that the Pentagon had an audit! They came up 3.4 – 3.6 trillion dollars short on where their assets were! Was this NEWS? or NOT?

In the 90s I heard IRS on multiple times and the same numbers, yr. after yr.

We`re, 35% short on federal taxes and 45% short on Social Security collected. Funds people paid-in and they lost it and or "unaccounted for", was their Statements. Yeah, how is Social Security going to make it if they're coming up 45% short year after year?. Know this,, the math they used to how to fund it in the future is bull shit, math. Back too.

Why billions of dollars, I like to see at least one person in each county covering the local politics. The counties with multi-millions of people in different cities. Will require a lot more than just one person cover all that. Then there the state level and yes first and "foremost " start with DC.

Ads, that is going to be needed, is going to be massive, TV, radio and yes social media big time. We got to try to get a hold of the narrative, and to counter it. Start with having rating system as to those running for office or easy in office, "simplify". Short, but, able to back it up more detailed, if needed, or want read, as to why on rating. EVER wonder why is it the 2 LEASE qualified candidates, are the ones in the main election? can we change that, I say yes. Can a less budget candidate win in elections? YES

someone did it this last election by 40-1 the 1 dollar vs 40, won. OTHER as to info people

Take for example the infrastructure bill, did representatives that voted NO on that bill go back to their districts and touted-in say THAT THEY were the "ones" that got a passable funding that is coming To badly needed fixing in their district infrastructure?

This is where the agency will come in run local ads posting how they voted.

Take what you just listed here Matt, on Schumer and his family ties as to "IF" this anti- trust bill of any kind going to go through? Those 80- 95% of the population know about this?

OVER 330 million people, over 160 million voted in 2020. Only little over 20 m. watch the first J6 committee hearings. I`ll bet it just went down after that. WHY, split media.

Wealth has bought it out.

Voters and the general public isnt keeping up with what you post here Matt. How can they?

and WE have to be able to simplify things, for them. AND, yes do little education to the public as to funding. Why spend, a trillion year on Military, if the Society fails?

I how many people can list our 3-branch of check and balance? We have people in Congress NOW, at least in the house that cant Properly list it.

My Name is NoBody (1vs160)

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Matt, I appreciate your explaining how the Senate leadership is able to do business as it sees fit, by scheduling floor time. Since Schumer is elected by the voters in New York State, you are seeing democracy in action. How many times have you felt Schumer fell short of what you would like, as for example when he could not prevent, or did not want to prevent, the election of the Supreme Court justice near the end of Trump's term. Don't get mad; just move to NY and take part in democracy. If enough of you do, you might defeat Schumer, but the odds against defeating him seem similar to those for purchasing a lottery ticket. Maybe the traditional Republicans think he is on their side and put up weak candidates to challenge him.

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To Matt, QUESTION, Say you had access to all or maybe New. "Digital" Road Billboards across USA.

What would you put or say, as to this topic. for masses to see?

I asking for Gov. funding, to combat news-outlets divide so to end Our divide. (Will today Politian vote for that???)

Not for profit agency, where "A" Already Proven profit outlets, has or will drive fear, hate- Controversy to draws people, thus, more Ad sells.

Another words, "If" also having asking, and hypothetically other news access to other media forms-short all it.

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If enough of we, the people stand up for it, we can make it happen...thanks for this!

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Just like to say Thank You to Akasa Kundu, for reading my posts. Hope it wasnt to hard on you. lol

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AARP has become a major journalistic organ not just for retired folks. They're pushing for Soc. Sec. which is under threat again with shift in House control. Public institutions need to be strengthened to offset private equity pirates.

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