Anti-Monopoly Midterm Election Candidates Begin to Emerge

On the right and left, candidates are asking voters to vote on whether big is bad.

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I don’t tend to follow elections, but I’m noticing a trend of candidates who are starting to talk about big business on the campaign trail. What’s interesting is that, like the anti-monopoly movement, it doesn’t break down by party. Here are the candidates I noticed.

  • Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Tom Nelson has talked about why it’s so “crucial to fight corporate power.”

  • In his first ad, Ohio Republican J.D. Vance in Ohio called Jeff Bezos and Google members of “the ruling class.”

  • South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who is running for reelection in 2022 to the Governor spot, wrote a long blog post attacking meatpacker consolidation.

  • Here’s Republican Blake Masters in Arizona, attacking “corporations that have gotten so big they think they are bigger than America."

  • Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Lucas Kunce, is pledging to “end monopoly domination of our economy.”

  • And here’s Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Dave Muhlbauer, going after meatpackers and “corporate farms.”

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of candidates. If you know of anyone talking about market power and big business on the campaign trail, leave a comment with their name and a link to what they said.

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