He probably did. So did Sheryl Sandberg and a bunch of other Facebook insiders. Handcuffs. It's time for them.
Patents used to promote innovation. Now it's a tool to stop it.
Mason jar lids. Medicine. Resin. FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra notes that too big to fail firms and cost cuts are sabotaging our supply chains and caus…
Ouch. This one's gonna be fun.
From railroads to plastic bags to semiconductors to ice cream, Wall Street and monopolists are creating shortages and exploiting them.
The FTC's narrative is that Mark Zuckerberg isn't very good at developing technology, so he built a monopoly instead. Will that story lead to a break-u…
Monopolists make money by forcing us to rely on over-engineered crappy machines. And those over-engineered crappy machines cause shortages.
Raytheon wants DOD to buy commercial items. What's wrong with that? Everything.
An Afghan General blames defense contractors for the collapse of the Afghan army. A government inspector blames the "the pervasiveness of overoptimism"…
The cost of bad military contracting isn't just waste. It is catastrophe.
Broadridge Financial Solutions charges 25 cents to send an email to investors on behalf of firms and brokers.
Price gouging is everywhere.